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Habitech CommunitiesSince 1985, Bruce Wheeler, the principal of Habitech Communities, has built over 600 homes in over 30 communities surrounding Boston. Over his 30-year tenure as a builder, Bruce has prided himself on maintaining a hands-on approach throughout the development, design, and home building process and has worked diligently to build a company that is a direct reflection of this hands-on philosophy. Client satisfaction remains at the forefront of the Habitech team’s approach and has been a major cornerstone in the company’s longevity.

Habitech Communities is the premiere home-builder of luxury residences whose signature communities include McIntyre Crossing, New Campbellton Estates, Forest Park Estates, Harold Parker Estates and the Villages at Stow.

The team at Habitech is passionate about creating timeless homes that blend seamlessly with their surroundings. Special care is taken to integrate home design with the natural features of the landscape.

The company’s thoughtful approach to neighborhood creation has earned Habitech a solid reputation with their host communities.

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Designer Model Home Open: Sundays from 1 - 3PM or by Appointment

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